Shark Fishing

New Jersey Shark fishing aboard FISH HEAD or LOWRIDER is an experience of a lifetime.

SHARK!!!     SHARK!!!     SHARK!!!     SHARK!!!

Shark fishing with the captains of Shark Inlet Charters will leave with an experience that you will only want more of. The most sought after shark is fierce fighting Mako shark. New Jersey waters plays host to these toothy predators as well as Blue sharks and Thresher sharks.

Mako shark's speed has been recorded at up to 31 mph and there are reports that it can achieve bursts of up to 46 mph. An agile swimmer, Makos have been caught jumping up to 28 ft in the air out of the water. Due to its speed and agility, this high-leaping fish is sought as one of the premiere game in sportfishing.

Thresher sharks, although occasionally sighted in shallow, inshore waters are primarily prefer the open ocean. Named for and easily recognized by their exceptionally long tail (aka caudal fins) that account for 1/3 of their total body length. Thresher sharks are active predators that used their tail as a weapon to stun prey.

Although generally lethargic, Blue sharks are capable of moving very quickly if the need arises. They feed primarily on small fish and squid, although they are perfectly capable of taking larger prey should the opportunity present itself. They are often found in schools segregated by sex and size, and this behavior has led to their being nicknamed the "wolves of the sea". They are also the second fastest sharks, next to the Mako shark.

Shark Inlet Charters can be found fishing in all the major shark tournaments during the summer months and we have the prize pictures to show for it!

We have full-day and open boat trips for your charter when it comes to fishing for shark Contact us today to ensure your date is reserved and let the expertise and experience of our captains and crew help you catch that shark you have always dreamed about!

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