Tilefish Fishing

An aggressive hunter with good size teeth and big eyes. Usually a shallow water fish but they burro deep in the ocean to seek shelter. That is why deepdropping using bait such as squid is the best way to catch them!

The tilefish is sometimes referred to by names such as golden bass or golden snapper. It is olive green or dark tan above, changing to yellow or rose on the lower sides. Their coloring makes them a beautiful fish and very unique to New Jersey coastal waters. The east coast of New Jersey has some of the best fishing grounds for deep drop tilefishing in the northeast during the spring months of April and May. Using our state of the art equipment we can target these fish for a drop and reel fishing experience.

And have you ever tasted fresh tilefish? If not then you are certainly in for a treat because there is nothing tastier than fresh cook tilefish for dinner. "If you love lobster, you'll like tilefish". This expression has been making the rounds. But those who know how tasty tilefish is and how well it sells have turned this saying around to "If you love tilefish, you'll love lobster"

Tilefish has firm, pinkish white flesh that provides a lobster- or crab-like taste. Once cooked, the meat is mild-flavored and succulent. The meat remains very moist after cooking; therefore, it is ideal for baking or broiling. Tilefish is delicious in seafood stews or chowders. This fish is excellent poached or microwaved, then cooled and used in a salad.

If you have never tried fishing for tilefish then contact us now to reserve your date or find out if and when we are running any open boats for tilefish.

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