Striped Bass Fishing

The cool waters off the coast of New Jersey are invaded by striped bass during the migration of their spring run and then the fall run. During these times results in some of the best and most consistent fishing on the east coast. Once the water temperature hits 50 degrees these striped bass start to actively feed as the head to their river spawning areas. Always a female has several males in close pursuit during this time. It is the perfect time to land that trophy winning striper bass!

Some of the best NJ striper fishing again returns in the fall but these elusive fish now seek deeper water for the cooler temperatures. Ya see, big striper bass do not tolerate water temps above 75 degrees.

We know how to fish these New Jersey waters and have been for years! Pictured is last year’s 40 lbs striped bass caught on FISH HEAD with Capt Mike. The best bait to use is bunkers and we know how to work a pod of bunkers just so to lure in those hungry stripers just waiting for a slow or wounded bunker.

Contact us now to reserve your charter date or find out when we are running our open boats trips for striped bass fishing. We are ready to get you in the fight and on the meat! We have day and evening charter trips so make sure you check out our Charter Info. page for the latest services and rates for striper fishing!

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