Tuna Fishing

Shark Inlet Charters finds tuna fishing a specialty and offers full-service deep-sea sport fishing charters for giant Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna.

Giant tuna fishing is pretty much the equivalent of big game hunting - selection of the right bait and presentation for the day's light, research of the tuna paths and migration routes, careful selection of the fishing sport, feeding patterns and habits, weather and sea conditions, all are part of the hunt for a hungry, mighty tuna!

But hold on… cause when a tuna hits the bait it will be like hooking a car. There is no nibbling on the bait with these fish. They will test even the best anglers muscles and if you have a giant tuna on the line get ready for an awesome fight!

The experience of Captain Mike & Capt Tony will prove to you that you are with some of the best fisherman in NJ that can handle their boats for optimal action and efficiency.

So if you are looking for big game tuna then look no further because Shark Inlet Charters has full-day and open boat trips for tuna chunking and trolling for Bluefin tuna up to 60 miles offshore. Nothing better than fresh tuna steaks for dinner caught by youyou’re your friends on the boat. Contact us today to ensure your date is reserved and let the expertise and experience of our captains and crew help you catch that tuna you have always dreamed about!

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